Vet Hunters Crest

As the bravest men and women decide to join the military, they enlist for many reason but pride is what they all have in common.  Their military recruiters would offer promises, ranging from a job of their choice to medical support.  While in service these men and women do their job prideful, without asking for anything in return: under paid, unhealthy condition, but most of all unsure of tomorrow.  As their tours come to an end, and those that return to the real world back home they realize that the promise they were told, were not true.  Many Soldiers were pushed out of the military to fend for themselves, without guidance nor support.  These vets are the ones we see on the streets of these cities.  The crest of Vet Hunters is just that: they sign up with unwavering pride; thus the top half of the American flag.  But as these veterans start transitioning out of the military and encounters many difficulties: benefits, medical care, family, jobs, just help, their pride turns grim; thus the torn section of the American flag.  The Vet Hunters theme and that of the military is; “no man left behind.”  Thus, these are still in a war within themselves and the political system that promised so much but give so little.  The Vet Hunters we will not abandon their brothers, whether the weapon was once a riffle, today is a pin, but most of all brothers caring for brothers.